Library Board

The Board of Trustees meets on the 3rd Wednesdays of the month at 6:30 PM in the board room unless otherwise specified. 


  • Linda Hiland, President
  • Daniel Ramirez, Vice President
  • Beth Blahut, Secretary
  • Shelly Truttmann, School District Liaison and Treasurer
  • Larry Stuessy, Village Board Liaison
  • Suzi Janowiak
  • Tiffany Kuenzi

Contact the Library Board

Email: libraryboard [at]

New Glarus Library Board
c/o New Glarus Public Library
PO Box 35
319 2nd St
New Glarus, WI 53574

The Library Board welcomes your comments and questions. Although personal telephone numbers are not posted online for security reasons, you can request the telephone numbers for any of the trustees by calling the library at 608-527-2003.


Resolution R15-27

Library Board Meeting Agendas

2024-04-17 Agenda

2024-03-20 Agenda

2024-02-21 Agenda

2024-02-14 Notice of a Possible Quorum

2024-01-17 Agenda

2023 Library Board Agendas (archived)

2022 Library Board Agendas (archived)

2021 Library Board Agendas (archived)

2020 Library Board Agendas (archived)

2019 Library Board Agendas (archived)

2018 July-December Library Board Agendas (archived)

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2014 January-June Library Board Agendas (archived)

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Library Board Meeting Minutes


2024-02-21 Minutes

2024-01-17 Minutes

2023 (January-December) Library Board Minutes (archived)

2022 (July-December) Library Board Minutes (archived)

2022 (January-June) Library Board Minutes (archived)

2021 (July-December) Library Board Minutes (archived)

2021 (January-June) Library Board Minutes (archived)

2020 (July-December) Library Board Minutes (archived)

2020 (January-June) Library Board Minutes (archived)

2019 (July-December) Library Board Minutes (archived)

2019 (January-June) Library Board Minutes (archived)

2018 (July-December) Minutes (PDF, 31 pages)

2018 (January-June) Minutes (PDF, 45 pages)

2017 (July-December) Minutes (PDF, 37 pages)

2017 (January-June) Minutes (PDF, 52 pages)

2016 (July-December) Minutes (PDF, 48 pages)

2016 (January-June) Minutes (PDF, 59 pages)

2015 (July-December) Minutes (PDF, 52 pages)

2015 (January-June) Minutes (PDF, 46 pages)

2014 (July-December) Minutes (PDF, 57 pages)

2014 (January-June) Minutes (PDF, 66 pages)

2013 (January-June) Minutes (PDF, 73 pages)

2013 (July-December) Minutes (PDF, 66 pages)

2012 (January-July) Minutes (PDF, 70 pages)

2012 (August-December) Minutes (PDF, 48 pages)

2011 Minutes (PDF, 42 pages)