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In June of 2022, the library and the Swiss United Church of Christ began discussing the possibility of selling the Zwingli House property to the Village as a downtown site for the new library.  Over the course of eight months, representatives of both parties worked together, meeting regularly, to determine if building a library on this property was suitable for the needs of the library and the Swiss Church. Representatives from the church and the library also met, as needed, with the Village Administrator and Building/Zoning Administrator to gather information and address questions.  In February of 2023, after considering the information gathered and the various potential options, the congregation voted and elected to retain the property at this time. 

The Library Board is now looking into a few different site options, as well as reviewing considerations regarding the property on highway 39.  We remain hopeful in our search as the library and Library Board continue to work diligently alongside the Village to realize the goal of building a library that will best serve and meet the needs of the community by: providing access to information and resources, supporting literacy and lifelong learning, preserving New Glarus history, promoting the arts and local artists, offering educational and entertainment programming, and being a space for people to gather together.  We appreciate the people of New Glarus and the surrounding communities, and will continue to work to serve you to the best of our ability now and in the future.

For further information, our board minutes are available under the "More" tab on the homepage