Youth Services

Early Childhood Programs

Virtual Story Time meets on Mondays @ 10 AM on Miss Brooke's Story Time Facebook page.

In-Person Story Time meets on Wednesdays @ 10 AM in the community room.

Movers & Shakers meets on Fridays @ 10 AM in the community room.  Bring the little ones to stretch, sing, dance, explore music, and MOVE in this fun program! We’ll be singing songs, using rhythm instruments, and having fun with gross motor toys. Movers & Shakers is brimming with energy, curiosity, and creativity geared towards kids aged 2-5, with plenty of fun to be had for caregivers and siblings. All levels of participation are welcome and caregiver interaction is highly encouraged! 

A new grab & go activity kit to go with each week's story time theme is offered beginning every Monday morning, and are available while supplies last.

Story Time Shorts are posted to Miss Brooke's Story Time Facebook page each Friday at 10 AM.

Children's programs & events will be on hiatus beginning May 15th, while we prepare for the summer reading program!



1,000 Books Before Kindergarten

Why 1,000 books? 

"Everyone wants to do the best for their baby.  Looking at books with your child every day is one of the most important things you can do for his/her future.  Sharing books together strengthens your child's foundation for learning.  Pointing at pictures in a book, saying rhymes, singing songs, writing words, and playing together makes your child more ready for school.  Your baby's ability to learn grows from interacting with you, not a screen or educational toy.  Plant the seed for lifelong learning by growing a reading relationship with your baby."  -Growing Wisconsin Readers

Register Here for 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten

We are in the process of revamping our 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten for a new generation of readers!  Stay tuned for more information.


Book Bundles

Be sure to ask about our Book Bundles.  Each bundle contains a carefully selected stack of library books based on a certain theme, and comes with a packet of educational activities for you to keep!



KidSpeak by Transparent Languages!



You’ve heard it before and it’s worth hearing again: the best time to start learning a new language is as early as possible. The cognitive benefits of bilingualism pay off into adulthood. 

The library already offers language learning for elementary-to-adult level learners in Transparent Language Online. We’re happy to announce that now includes KidSpeak, a fun, age-appropriate online language course designed for ages 6 and up!

All you need is a library card to introduce your children to English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Mandarin Chinese. The program teaches words and phrases suitable for learners’ age, needs, and interests. (No “I’d like a glass of wine.” in this course!) More than 40 activities, puzzles, and songs guide young learners through the basics, along with a cartoon “friend” who speaks the language.

To get started, visit our Online Resources page and click on the Transparent Languages icon.  You will need to enter your New Glarus library card number, and from there you can create a customized account for your child.




The Friends of the New Glarus Public Library provide children’s board books and bibs to the library for distribution to new babies in the New Glarus area. If you know of an eligible baby who has recently arrived, please contact New Glarus Public Library staff for a special reading care package to be sent to the family.  (Please note that we will not send packages until after the baby has been born.)

Send a new baby package