2005 Bank of New Glarus calendar

(NEW GLARUS - photo courtesy of Gerald Disch)

Sidewalk sale in New Glarus - a big tradition in town.  This photo was taken sometime around 1960 by Carter Lueders of Belleville.  Gerald Disch of Disch Hardware and the late Walt Wenger of Walt's Toggery were early promoters of "Maxwell Street Days."  Walt's wife, Ruth, says Walt hit on the idea from another town holding such an event.

(NEW GLARUS - photo courtesy of Willis Luchsinger)

This ensemble photo was taken in 1957 on what was a lawn between Fred Streiff's car dealership (New Glarus Motors) and the Town Edge Restaurant.  The occasion was a visit to New Glarus by the Zortea family.  Standing, left to right: Joe Zortea, Fred Streiff, Frank Ebenetter Sr., Mrs. Frank Ebenetter, Mrs. Hanna Zortea, Mrs. Fred Streiff, unknown, Mrs. Joe Zortea Jr., Willis Luchsinger, Lennys Luchsinger, Elizabeth (Elmer) Luchsinger, Frank Ebenetter Jr., Sam Luchsinger, unknown, unknown, Katie (Elmer) Legler, Delmar Kubly, Marian Kubly, Irma (Legler) Homburg, Herman Kubly, Wilma (Elmer) Kubly, Patty Elmer, Bertha Elmer, Julius Elmer.  Seated: Kaye (Luchsinger) Gmur, Beth Luchsinger, Roxanne (Kubly) Murray, Lynn (Luchsinger) Schwoerer, Kris Kubly.

(BRODHEAD - photo courtesy of the Brodhead Historical Society)

The Brodhead Flour Mill began operating in 1863.  As this photo shows, the foundation collapsed in August of 1889.  According to notes on the back of the photograph, the mill was later moved to the south and a power plant was constructed at the mill's former location.

(BELLEVILLE - photo courtesy of Mary Lou Bollig)

This is a 1953 school photo for Morehead School.  Front row, left to right: Bernard Viney, Jim Fahey, Judy Viney, Ruth Ann Fahey, Roger Mellenberger, Nancy Anderson, Joan Steiner, Catherine Ann Gehin, Mary Jane Ryner.  Second row, left to right: Tom Fahey, Jimmy Gehin, Duane Steiner, Mary Lou Fahey, Jeannette Anderson, Betty Eichelkraut, Donna Dixon, Darlene Viney, Karen Mellenberger.  The teacher was Miss Evelyn Butts.

(BRODHEAD - photo courtesy of the Brodhead Historical Society)

This photo of the Brodhead post office was taken around 1911.  The employees are, left to right: Dan Collins, Lottie Kildow, Amanda Wolden Gilbert, and Mr. Kildow.

(NEW GLARUS - photo courtesy of Pauline Grossenbacher Boss Riggs)

A summertime family photo on the Maurer farm, Meadow Valley Road, southwest of New Glarus.  Front row, left to right: Pauline Grossenbacher, Paul Grossenbacher, Ellie Grossenbacher Root, Fred Maurer.  Back row: Frieda Maurer, Verena Elmer Grossenbacher, Walter Elmer (hidden by a magazine), and Elsbeth Elmer.

(BRODHEAD - photo courtesy of Dale and Louise Roenneburg)

Louise and Dale Roenneburg, their daughter Lureen, and employee Mary Rundle pose in front of the Brodhead A&W in 1966.  Dale and Louise began operating the restaurant in 1966,  purchased it in 1967, and retired 15 years later.  Dale said about 120 young women worked as servers, or "carhops," for the business while he owned it.

(BELLEVILLE - photo courtesy of the Belleville Historical Society)

About 1920, this Belleville group enjoys a picnic by the Paoli Dam.  Standing is John Eith, with his wife, Catherine, seated in front of him.  In front of Catherine is Fannie Sweiger.  Right from Mrs. Eith are Mamie Miligen, Florence Swiger, Helen Eith, Mary Halfin, and Martha Eith.

(NEW GLARUS - photo courtesy of the Irma Wettach family)

A young lady's role as an usherette seems to be a rite of passage when growing up in New Glarus.  This photo, taken about 1947, features (left to right):  Marie Zimmerli Guissberg, Betty Kneubuehl Vetterli, Phyllis Duerst Foster, Marian Zentner Streiff, and Jean Zweifel Retrum.

(NEW GLARUS - photo courtesy of Gerald Disch)

These elementary students pose in their fancy costumes sometime in the 1930s.  The special occasion was noted as "minuet" by Gerry Disch and the students were recalled as Gerald Disch, Harold Hoesly, Lois Thacker, Marion Schindler, Lila Kubly, Lucille Legler, Henrietta Opfermann, and Lorna Marty.  The location of the photo is the yellow brick home on 5th Avenue, across the street from the Old Schoolhouse.

(NEW GLARUS - photo courtesy of the New Glarus High School)

The 1974-75 New Glarus Varsity Boys Basketball Team and coach Ken Roth (center) are pictured here from the 1975 New Glarus yearbook.  The players include (left to right): Paul Brand, Kim Bright, Jeff Buesser, Mark Babler, Ken Fenne, Scott Jacobson, Dale Voegli, Ken Zimmerman, Mike Colney, Barry O'Connor, Dale Beckwith, Dave Boss, Dick Wyttenbach, Eric Burnard, and Steve Zuber.

(POSTVILLE - postcard courtesy of Mert Colney)

This postcard, entitled "Views of Stewart, Wis." was sent to local resident Mert Colney's grandmother, Matilda Hoesly.  It was sent to her by Herman Hoesly in 1916.  You may ask, "where's Stewart?"  Sometime after the production of this postcard, Stewart was renamed "Postville."  Why not take a country drive to Postville to see if any of these 1916 buildings still survive today?

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