2004 Bank of New Glarus calendar

(Photo courtesy of the Belleville Historical Society)

Stewart Railroad Tunnel (circa 1887-1888).  Workment pose at the south entrance of one of the largest construction projects of the time.  Built in the Town of Exeter off Tunnel Road, near county CC, the year-long project entailed two excavating crews, heavy excavating equipment, and making two cuts in the limestone, one from the north, another from the south.  Eventually, the tunnel came together at 930 feet long and constructed on a curve.  The first train to run the entire distance from Freeport to Madison was on January 28, 1888.  Trains made runs daily until 1957, when Illinois Central abandoned the line.  It became the property of the State of Wisconsin.  The rails were removed in 2002, when the DNR scheduled it for development into a bike trail.  In October 2003 the State Building Commission approved an expenditure of $303,000 for renovation of the tunnel, which was a key element of the new trail.  Upon completion the Badger State Trail will run from Camp Randall in Madison to Freeport.

(Photo courtesy of Eloise Strickler)

Strickler's Market around 1940-41.  Eugene Strickler and son Robert posed in front of the meat counter at Strickler's Market, Second Street, New Glarus.  Palmer "Butch" Strickler joined his brother at the store after WWII.  It was strictly a meat market, then became a full grocery.  Later, they added a full line of sausage items with a slaughtering operation.  In the mid 1970s, Stricklers was sold to Wisconsin Packing of Butler and the company renamed it New Glarus Foods and moved it to the New Glarus Industrial Park.  The building has become home to a decorative armor manufacturer, Albion Armorers.  Butch became famous in retirement as the founder of Butch's Balogna Bash, a major fundraiser for the University of Wisconsin-Madison athletic department.

(Photo courtesy of Francois Oil)

J.C. (Julian) Francois poses in front of his White Rose gas station in Belleville.  The photo was taken in 1931 where the Short Electric building now stands on River Street.  J.C. was the first generation of the Francois Oil Company in Belleville.  J.C.'s son, Richard, was the second owner.  He sold to his three sons, Rich, Jay, and Ed.  Now headquartered on Main Street, the grandsons operate an oil distributorship business, vehicle repair, new and used auto and truck sales, and several gas stations in Southern Wisconsin. 

(Photo courtesy of Kim Tschudy)

This was the Swiss Lanes team that made it to the state championship in 1969.  Pictured here (left to right): Louis Ubert, Fred Goecks, Delmar Arn, Lee Fiez, and Cleo Foster.  The picture was taken in Madison at the Dane County Coliseum.

Boy Scout Apple River Canyon Camp, 1982.  Back row (left to right): Al Lienhardt, Greg Thomson, John Tompson, Paul Jennrich, Dave Frick, Trevor Thomson, Dan Talarczyk, Mark Anderson, Jim Marty, Gof Thomson.  Middle row: Mark Capellero, Bill Kummer, Terry Tschudy, Andy Elkins, Dan Watrud.  Front row: David Righter, Karl Marty, Nick Zweifel, Dusty Smith, Ron Krause.

Helvetia Milk Condensing Plant, North Second Street, New Glarus.  One of the plant workers, Guy Blackmore, sent this card, postmarked Oct. 15, 1914, to his family in Illinois.  Helvetia began operations in New Glarus in 1910.  Helvetia, later called Pet Milk, was New Glarus' largest employer.  Operations peaked in the 1940s while providing products for the armed services.  In 1945, nearly 37 million pounds of milk were processed.  Pet Milk closed in 1962.

(Photo by Chuck Phillipson)

The 1988 Glarner Knights baseball team compiled an outstanding record.  They were 15-1 to become State Line League champions and 17-2 as WIAA regional finalists.  Front row (left to right):  Jason Everson, Steve Wunschel, Mike Roberts, Kevin Bright, Tim Nybroten, Jim Lahey, Jeff Hustad, Karl Lueschew.  Back row:  Coach Frank Rear, Mark Anderson, Jim Adamson, Doug Kubehl, Greg Thomson, Paul Jennrich, Jon Martinson, Bobby Johnson, and Rome Wieser.

New Glarus lettermen, classes of '66, '67, and '68.  Outside row: John Peters, Phil Duerst, Gary Itten, Larry Stuessy, Elliot Erickson, Hans Hoffman, Palmer Buesser, Dan Knobel, Robert Gmur, John Phillipson, Rod Disch, Dennie Marty, Cary Ziltner, president, Gary Yaun, vice president, Tom Reuter, treasurer, Bob Hillestad, secretary, Jim Klassy, Dave Richert.  Inside row: David Nyhus, Marty Bethke, Jim Zweife, Steve Ruegsegger, Tarie Nelson, Larry Rufenacht, David Erickson, Brian Thacker, Steve Marty, Bud Kehrli, Keith Disch, Jim Jeglum, John Ott, Dale Hustad, Al Kvamme.

(Photo courtesy of Phyllis Foster)

Susan Foster boasts 11 living grandparents: this is a picture and headline story from the Wisconsin State Journal in 1952 when Susan Foster was 2 years old.  Susan is pictured center, and the other three generations are (seated, left to right):  Albert Legler, Mrs. Mary Legler, Mrs. Anna C. Duerst, John S. Duerst, all great-grandparents.  Standing: Mrs. Gilbert H. Duerst, grandmother, Mrs. Cleo Foster, mother, and Gilbert H. Duerst, grandfather.  Not pictured were five other living grandparents: Mr. and Mrs. Earl Foster, grandparents, Mrs. Sarah Foster, great-grandmother, and Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Sterling, great-grandparents. 

(Photo courtesy of Elda Schiesser)

New Glarus Yodel Club 1938.  The famed singing group then included ten members.  Pictured here were (front row, left to right): Edward Vollenweider, Paul Grossenbacher, Karl Mueller, John Furrer, Casper Yaun, and Ernest Hold.  Top row: Ernie Thierstein, Herman Matzinger, Oswald Buesser, and John Ebnotter.

(Photo courtesy of Jane Duerst Reid, Neenah, WI)

Joachim Duerst family, 1914.  Top row (left to right):  Fred, Margaret, John, Rosa, Albert Duerst.  Bottom row: Rosa (Legler) Duerst, Hulda, Henry, and Joachim Duerst.

(Photo courtesy of Viola Truttmann)

Legler School, 1927.  Back row (left to right):  John Altman, Emma Schneider Marty, Anna Schneider Baumgartner, Irene Hefty Wheeler, Jacob Kubly.  Middle row: Olga Schneider Buesser, Elnora Duerst Showers, Alvin Zweifel, Clara Kubly, Viola Zweifel Truttmann.  Front row: Two children from Switzerland (Freddie and Johanna), Sam Kubly, and Retired Colonel Harold J. Zweifel.  Legler School was located on Legler Valley Road.  Nic and Alma Zentner bought the building in 1948, then moved it to the north edge of New Glarus. 

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