1999 Bank of New Glarus calendar

(Photo courtesy of Julian and Mardell Elmer)

These spiffed-up gentlemen are all farmers from the New Glarus, Belleville, and Dayton areas.  Notice the classy wool and fur coats, dress shirts and ties, felt hats and spats.  All the men traveled to Racine to the Case plant probably for a machinery showing around 1928-30.  We have the names of some men but they are not listed in any order.  In the top rows you will find Fred Schindler, Ed Grunder, Jacob Urben, Robert Fahey, John Christen, Harry Eichelkraut, Lincoln Aruge, Merlin Farrell, Walter Buol, Al Mellenberger, Milo Hoesly, Ward Gill, Jacob Buol, Alex Garvoille, Gib Stutz, Mike Zentner, and Jake Hammerly.  Located in the middle:  John Christen, Daniel Gehin, Marvin Francois, Gar Hagelin, Alvin Ott, Jacob Luchsinger, Christ Mueller, Art Christen, Edwin Scheisser, Ed Christen and Ed Vollenweider.  Bottom rows:  John Gehin, E.J. Hoesly, Ray Grady, Joe Zweifel, Bob Wittwer, Walter Streiff, Fred Zweifel, Gilbert Zweifel, Arie Steel, Art Rasmussen, Duke Behnke, Henry Ruppert, Tony Farrell and J.C. Francois, who was the Case dealer in Belleville.

(Photo courtesy of Mert and Olga Colney)

Pet Milk Plant in the mid-1950s.  The Pet Milk Company was built in 1910 and closed when the demand for canned milk declined in February of 1962.  Some of the buildings still stand on the north end of Second Street.  Originally known as the Helvetica Milk Condensing Company, they produced evaporated milk and made the cans and later expanded into fluid milk, instant nonfat dry milk solids, ice cream mix, cheese, butter, and other dairy products.  After its first year of operation they had 172 patrons and milk purchases hit a million pounds. 

The average volume of milk grew to a half million pounds daily and a lot of the milk was brought in by company-owned trucks (like the one shown) from a seven-county area.  Emil Kaeser served as plant manager and he also was a director of The Bank of New Glarus in 1920, became vice-president in 1936, and president in 1948. 

(Photo courtesy of Jean Schmidt, Ft. Collins, CO)

Third graders on a field trip.  In 1952 these third graders took a big train trip in the caboose of a freight train from New Glarus to Monticello.  In the front row: Rebecca Palmer Strait, Judy Erb Dvorak, David Hoesly, Willis Disch, Melinda Welsh King (head turned), Delayne Showers Retrum, Kathryn Freitag Quest, Nancy Zweifel Moore, Judy Disch Hillestad, Jean Arnes Schmidt, Jim Schroeder, Raymond Kolder.  Back row: unidentified railroad man, Emil Von Arx, two unidentified railroad men, Teacher Lisbeth Goodman and Mr. Dahnke, Station Master.

(Photo courtesy of Jeff Kernen)

The sign says "Kundert & Stauffacher Livestock-Grain-Seed-Salt-ETC."  We don't have a date but it appears to be 1910 or earlier.  In its heyday as a mill, the back area had a large pond, dam, and water wheel fed by the Sugar River.  The building in the rear was a cheese factor until 1910 when it closed down due to the Pet Milk Plant opening.  Jeff said the cellar in the old cheese factory had 14-foot high ceilings.

(Photo courtesy of Palma McFadden)

Living Dolls represent 12 countries.  "Dolls on Parade" was the program theme at a community mother-daughter banquet held at the Swiss Church on May 2, 1963.  These 12 little girls were dressed in the costumes of foreign countries and each carried a doll dressed in a costume to match.  The children and the country they represent were listed in the New Glarus Post as (back row, left to right):  Beverly Funseth, Scottish, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Funseth; Cindy Rupnow, Chinese, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Rupnow; Jayne Elmer, Japanese, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Elmer; Elizabeth Disch, Norwegian, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rolland Disch; Nancy Streiff, French, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dean Streiff; Julie Schneider, Mexican, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Schneider; Debbie Wierwill, Swiss, daughter of Rev and Mrs. Linus Weirwill.  Front row: Nancy Reuter, Eskimo, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Russell Reuter; Suzan Knobel, Hawaiian, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Palmer Knobel; Jolene Freitag, Spanish, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Freitag; Mary Ingwell, Dutch, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Ingwell; Roberta Yaun, Indian, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Yaun.  Mrs. William McFadden was program chairman.

(Photo courtesy of Roger and Karen Nodorft)

Seventeen little Heidis have been the darlings of the gruff grandfather, played by Willy Ruef in the Heidi drama.  This is seven-year-old Karla Nodorft Heller as Heidi and Willy Ruef as Alm Uncle (or grandfather) in 1974.  The play, adapted from Johanna Spyri's original "Heidi," was first performed in 1965 as part of the New Glarus 120th anniversary celebration.  It was such a success that organizers decided to make it an annual event.  This ninth presentation drew a record crowd of 2,050 people for the two performances.  As the Heidis grew too tall for the part they reluctantly gave up their title role, but many have returned to play other characters or to work with props and makeup. 

(Photo courtesy of Nancy Potter)

This picture from the early 1930s shows the interior of the New Glarus Bakery, the oldest continuously operating bakery in Wisconsin.  Although the Bakery has undergone several remodelings, the original showcase of the Bakery is still there.  Shown here (left to right) are employees Meta Baumgartner Grunder, Otto Puempel, and Herman Matzinger, the owner.

(Photo courtesy of Ruth Klassy)

This is the New Glarus Hotel looking north from 6th Avenue.  The poto was taken in the early 1900s sometime after 1904, when electricity was installed in the downtown area.  The core of the Hotel is one of the oldest buildings in New Glarus.  Notice the decorative pediments at the roof level above the porch and the large gas lamp on the left.  The Hotel has undergone several alterations and has had many owners.  It was originally built in 1853 by the Baumgartner Brothers, sold to Joe Gena (who went on to operate the William Tell House in Madison) and then to S. Luchsinger and Henry Marty and eventually to the John Klassy family.  No one knows for sure, but with all the U.S. flags being carried and the band in the foreground this is likely a 4th of July celebration.

(Photo courtesy of Wally Krauss)

Meadow Valley School 1931.  First row: Milton Stuessy, Walter Krauss, Adelma Marty McDermott, Lois Gmur Babler, John Duerst, Lucille Duerst Elmer, Leon Duerst.  Second row: Roy Altman, Delmar Stuessy, Eldon Hoesly, Dennis Stuessy, Elle Meier, Staley Gunst, Freida Krauss Keppler, Cloyance Hoesly. Third row: Cloyance Hefty, Herbert Gmur, Garland Marty, John Zimmerman, Delbert Duerst.  Fourth row: Doral Disch, Evelyn Stuessy Blaser, Norma Itten, Teacher Charlene Hefty Elmer, Orso Duerst.

(Photo courtesy of Mert and Olga Colney)

Basketball Team of 1938-39.  Front row:  Jim Kaeser, Roy Hefty, Art Zweifel, Palmer Strickler, Merlyn Duerst, and Ed Vollenwider.  Back row: Coach Ed Gueth, Julian Elmer, Fred Thacker, Gordon Henning, Rolland Elmer, Richard Gmur, and Ralph Keppler, manager.

(Photo courtesy of Flossie S. Hefty)

Veterans of the Civil War and World War I.  Front (left to right): Dr. C. Hefty, Ted Syverud, Leo Gmur, Henry C. Hefty, Tim Luchsinger, Thos. Hefty, Walter Klassy, Jacob Urben, Wilbert Zweifel, unknown.  Middle row: C.S. Alexander, J. Hofmaster, Henry Kobbervig, Ed Stuessy, Charles Hoesly, John W. Disch, Jacob H. Duerst, Clarence Syverud, Wm. Engler, Paul Roth, Thos. Disch, Jacob Bruni.  Back row:  Civil War veterans Oswald Babler, Peter Disch, and Thos. Schmid.

(Photo courtesy of Palma McFadden)

In 1998 a new children's singing group was formed in New Glarus called the Kinderchor.  The 33 area children were directed by Nancy Troxler and Kaye Gmur.  The group was patterned after a Swiss church children's choir led by Palma McFadden from 1960 to 1971.  In addition to singing in church in English and German, McFadden's choir entertained locally, often providing entertainment on the church lawn on Wilhem Tell weekend.  They appeared on WISC-TV twice and made their own record.  This picture was taken in 1961.  Front row (left to right): Jean Kummer, Terry Roth, Jane Duerst, Wanda Streiff, Susan Streiff, Trudy Elmer, Barbara Hoesly, Donna Elmer, Wendy Yaeger, Margaret Reuter, Jon Embertson, Lisa Tschudy.  Middle row: Diane Embertson, Emily Rindy, Kathy Kehrli, Susan Strickler, Claudia Ingwell, Deborah Iverson, Penny Disch.  Back row: Judy Disch (accompanist), Paulette Disch, Mary Hartman, Christine Streiff, Dale Hoesly, Sharon Embertson, JoAnn Kehrli, JoAnne Hoesly, Phillip Duerst, Ken Duerst, Jean Elmer, and Palma McFadden (director).

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