1998 Bank of New Glarus calendar

(Photo courtesy of Flossie Hefty)

White sailor tops with sash belts and bloomers were the uniform of the day for this New Glarus basketball team in 1917.  The athletes (left to right): Tillie Stuessy Urben, Norma Marty Zweifel, Barbara Louise Klassy, Martha Jenny, Flossie Elmer Hefty, Edna Hoesly Hefty, Cora Hoiby and teacher Julia Hauser.

(Photo courtesy of Olga Colney)

Seventh and eighth grade class in 1936.  Front row (left to right): Royal Marty, Irwin Kehrli, Roy Hefty, Hubert Elmer, Dick Gmur, Ralph Keppler, Ken Streiff, Royal Ziltner.  Second row:  Shirley Sarbacher, Olga Lienhardt Colney, Dorothy Kuenzi Marty, Ruth Marty Erickson, Charlotte Tollefson Bigler, Lou Ann Zweifel Christensen, Delma Haldimann Phillipson, Evelyn Keppler Zurkirchen, Anna Fiez Yaun.  Third row: Freida Roth, Mae Haehlen, Lois Thieler Lehmen, Esther Nay Vollmer, Lorraine McQuillian Streiff, Viola Arn Zentner, Tena Lee Babler, Charlene Hoesly Wohlrab, Gladys Streiff Lynch Bedlinger, Lucille Disch Hartman.  Fourth row:  Palmer Strickler, Robert (Bucky) Alderman, Fred Thacker, Harold Kubly, Nordean Hoesly, Dorrel Gmur, Teacher Clifford Kubly, Paul Klassy, Jim Kaeser, Ronald Foster, Harold Schindler.  Back row:  Wally Elmer, Gorden Henning, Herbert Knobel, Otto Kuenzi, Herman Theiler, Merlin Duerst, and Arthur Zweifel.

(Photo courtesy of Rose Strahm Garfoot)
This solid rubber-tired International truck with crude springs was purchased in 1916 by the Strahm family.  Driving but getting a rough ride is Robert Strahm and sitting beside him is Christ Jorenby.  The gentlemen could haul their milk to the Pet Milk plant in New Glarus just a little faster and cheaper with this new truck.  The road conditions look mucky and notice the chains on the back tires.

(Photo courtesy of Millard Tschudy)

This is the Gabriel Zweifel Brewery at 218 5th Avenue.  Pictured left to right is Andreas Zweifel, Milwaukee, who  is driving the car.  J. Jacob Zweifel is in the doorway.  The first set of teamsters is driven by Gabriel Zweifel and the second driver is unknown.  The two little boys are Jake (Blackjack) Hefty and either E. Mueller or J. Blum.

(Photo courtesy of Rose Strahm Garfoot)

This is Bem School about 1925, which was about 5 miles west of New Glarus on Highway 39.  The building is now a private residence.  Sitting in the front row (left to right): Clayton Thompson, Erna Hustad Vollen, Erna Nussbaum Stalder, Irma Freitag Guinther, Bernice Hoesly Elmer, and Clarence Hauser.  In the second row are the third and fourth graders: Paul Eichelkraut, Oliver Hustad, Rose Strahm Garfoot, Marie Nussbaum Feller, Ada Nyhus, Freida Strahm Hanneman, Maynard Figi, Theoline Thompson Duckwitz.  The third row are fifth and sixgth graders: Elroy Eichelkraut, Arlene Eichelkraut Rindy, Anna Hustad Paulson, Clifford Nyhus, Godfrey Nussbaum, Idellis Thompsob Paulson, and Grace Figy Klassy.  In the back row are the seventh and eighth graders:  Waldo Freitag, Alice Kellesvig Paulson, Henry Pauli, Arnold Nyhus, and John Nussbaum.

(Photo courtesy of Lila Kubly Dibble)

These good citizens of New Glarus volunteered their time to paint the hut at the Wilhem Tell Grounds in 1955.  Left to right are Henry Schmid, J.U. Freitag, Christ Mueller, Tille Urben, Jack Urben, and Nic Kubly.

(Photo courtesy of Lucille Elmer, Doral Disch, and Garland Marty)

Could they be posing for the farmer's daughter?  This picture taken about 1940 shows four handsome, spirited young men in their late teens.  The snapshot was taken at a gathering on the grounds of the Meadow Valley Country School.  They are (left to right): Delmar Stuessy, Garland Marty, Doral Disch, and Eldon Hoesly.  Delmar, Doral, and Eldon all became outstanding farmers, and Garland went on to work at the progressive Pet Milk Plant.

(Photo courtesy of Norma Itten)

This wonderful picture from the golden wedding anniversary of John and Caroline Itten was taken at the New Glarus Hotel on September 11, 1952.  Seated left to right: Verena Blum Blumer, John Blumer, Anna Hoesly, Thomas Hoesly, Anna Blumer Zimmerman, Sophia Zimmerman Blumer, Fred Blumer, and the bride and groom, Caroline Blumer Itten and John Itten.  Standing: Alvin Itten, Zelma Itten Schuldt, Viola Blumer Schadt, Otillie Wittwer Itten, Bertha Blumer Pfeiffer, Maggie Knobel Itten, Ruth Itten Rhodes, Margaret Itten Mueller, Alva Hawkins, Verna Itten Hawkins, Harvey Itten, and Norma Itten.

(Photo courtesy of Arnold Kehrli Jr.)

This occasion was a birthday reception held at the Swiss United Church of Christ for J.J. Figi (right) on September 11, 1949.  The Reverend Walter Stuckey is on the left.  J.J. Figi at one time was Village Clerk and became Cashier of Citizens Bank.  When the Citizen consolidated with The Bank of New Glarus in 1930, J.J. became Assistant Cashier.

(Photo courtesy of Lucille Elmer, Doral Disch, and Garland Marty)

Meadow Valley School was on Meadow Valley Road south of New Glarus.  The all-school picture was taken about 1936.  The two boys in the front row, left to right, are Glen Waelti and Alvin Duerst.  Second row:  Adelma Marty, Leon Duerst, John Duerst, Walter Krauss and Milton Stuessy.  Third row: Lucille Duerst, Cloyance Hoesly, Frieda Kraus, Ella Meier, Mabel Affolter, Dennis Stuessy, and Lois Gmur.  Back row: Roy Altman, Eldon Hoesly, Doral Disch, Garland Marty, and Burnett Waelti.

(Photo courtesy of Hank Vollenweider)

This is the home of the Edward and Hulda Vollenwieder family on Second Street in about 1920.  Ed set up the machines at the Embroidery Factory and worked there several years.  Ed then bought the New Glarus Dairy in 1928 and sold it to Paul Grossenbacher in 1944.  Left to right is Ed, son Hank, and son Eddie.  Mom, Hulda, is behind Ed.  The others in the picture were visitors from Chicago who were also in the embroidery business.  Eli Alder and his wife are next to Hulda.  The men and women in the middle are unknown.  On the right is Otto Alder and his wife and child.

(Photo courtesy of Arnold Kehrli Jr.)

Swiss Church Ladies Aid about 1943.  Front row:  Edna Hefty, Alice Streiff, Mary Luchsinger, Lydia Hoesly, Mayme Stuckey, Meta Marty, Lydia Meythaler, Mrs. Matt Stuessy, Alda Kubly, Anna Hoesly, Katherine Zweifel, Anna Duerst, Ellen Stuessy and Kathryn Theiler.  Second row:  Ella Strahm, Alma Dahnke, Jennie Liedel, Tille Urben, Alice Freitag, Silvia Pauley, Palma McFadden, Irene Freitag, Kathryn Streiff, Erna Bartle, Phyllis Pauli, Kathryn Strickler, Georgene Welch, Bertha Disch, Marie Zweifel, and Verna Grossenbacher.  Third row:  Rachel Elmer, Olit Erb, Alma Wittwer, Hazel Urben, Wilma Bahler, Marion Streiff, Lila Kubly Dibble, Heidi Hoesly, Olga Hoesly, Mrs. Mevey, Louise Buesser, Betty Zentner, Molly Glaeden, Marion Kubly, and Mavis Duerst.  Last row:  Faye Zentner, Matilda Kubly, Virginia Tschudy, Eldera Eichelkraut, Betty Freitag, Mrs. Harley Hoesly, Mildred Frick, Mrs. Fred Ott, Lucille Hartman, Ann Disch, Phyllis Gerry Zweifel, and Dorothy Kehrli.

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