1991 Bank of New Glarus calendar

(Photo courtesy of Herb Gmur)

What an exciting beginning to 1913!  And from the looks of that engine this wreck must have been pretty spectacular.  Notice how small the engine was compared to modern day equipment. 

(Photo courtesy of Sharon Hyde-Fiene)

In 1938 at Fuhrmans Rexall Drug Store you could join Elaine Zweifel (Barlow) and Charlotte Bigler for a soda after school.  Note the fresh flowers on the counter and the Oh Henry, Hershey, and Mr. Goodbar chocolate bars in the case.

(Photo courtesy of Herb Gmur)

The streets of New Glarus were in need of regular maintenance.  This cement crew was near the Pet Milk plant on 2nd Avenue.  It looks like much of this equipment was steam powered with coal or wood as fuel.  Harry and Viola Saxer owned the house in the immediate foreground.  At the other end of the block, just beyond the mixer, you can see the facade of the blacksmith shop.

(Photo courtesy of Barbara Louise Klassy)

When floats were built to last, this beauty commemorated the first log houses of the early Swiss settlers.  Note the fly netting on the horses.  Each of those strands was made of thin leather, probably knotted or at least weighted to keep it in place while the horses were harnessed.

(Photo courtesy of the New Glarus Fire Department)

Imagine having to run with this rig to a fire and still have enough energy left to fight the fire!  And then drag the darn thing home.  Some of this original equipment is in residence at the Swiss Historical Village in New Glarus.  Our fire fighters still set up and scale the ladder with the old equipment on special occasions.

(Photo courtesy of Maynard and Ellen Hefty)

The New Glarus High School class of 1937.  Members of this class were teenagers during the Great Depression, in the front lines of World War II, then raised their families, and took up their business and community responsibilities. 

(Photo courtesy of Herb Gmur)

S.A. Schindler was the first President of the newly-incorporated Village of New Glarus, serving from 1901-1905.  Schindler was cashier of the Bank of New Glarus from 1921-1927.  He resigned that position to become Assistant Wisconsin State Treasurer.  His son, Dr. John Schindler, was the founding partner of the Monroe Clinic.

(Photo courtesy of Gertrude Burki)

At this August 1915 Swiss Reformed Church Sunday School picnic held at the Shooting Park, the younger boys, seated in the front row, are: Harry Sarbacker, Ralph Luchsinger, Harvey Ott, Fred Schindler, Alvin Streiff, Bert Gmur, Clifford Kubly, Palmer Duerst.  Second row: Henry Tschudy, John Nufer, Jacob Disch, Herman Lufi, Marvin Betz, Olin Mitmoen, Oscar Dale; teachers Mrs. Katie Eichelkraut and Mrs. Elizabeth Stuessy.  Alvin Streiff, seated in the front row, fifth from left, writes that "I imagine I was 'chided' for wearing the white stockings and the patent leather 'girls' shoes."

(Photo courtesy of the New Glarus Historical Society)

The traditional Swiss costumes have been donned for the Tell Drama performed each Labor Day weekend in New Glarus since 1938.  In this picture, taken in 1955, from left to right, in front: Lois Johnson, Mary Jo Freitag Kilpatrick, and Jane Meyers Martinson.  In the back row, from the left: Linda Schiesser, Janet Schneider, Beverly Bethke, and Patty Gardner Marty.

(Photo courtesy of Gene Stuessy)

This picture, taken July 15, 1902, shows the original New Glarus Juvenile Band.  The Band continued until 1936.  Kneeling left to right: Ernest Kubly, Ivan Elmer, Delmar Helgeson, Walter Helgeson, Casper Disch, John Marty, Henry Marty, Marcus Elmer, Scott HIlton.  Standing: Fred Hefty, William Engler, Glenn Hilton, Fred A. Stuessy, Joshua Wild, George Pierce (manager), Frank Kimbal (drum major), J. Jacob Figi (director), Sever Helgeson, Gilbert P. Hoesly, Henry M. Schmid.  Standing between: Jacob H. Zweifel, Alvin A. Ott, Thomas B. Kundert, Walter Theiler, Emil Kubly, Abe Levitan.

(Photo courtesy of Herb Gmur)

In last year's calendar we presented two pictures of the Gmur farm outdoor bowling alley.  In one of those pictures the players are seated against a log building.  This is that building, in its prime, constructed and owned by Gottlieb Gmur, Herb Gmur's father.  The cabin, constructed in 1905, was used as the family residence for a year and a half until a new residence was constructed.  The building is still standing on the Elnora Gmur farm.

(Photo courtesy of Hilda Zentner)

This wonderful group is celebrating Andrew Hoesly's (center) 80th birthday in the winter of 1909.  This picture is on the south side of the New Glarus Hotel, at the entrance nearest 1st Street.  The Hotel balcony now begins where the children are leaning on the rail.  We have identified some of the participants.  Back row: Wife of Thomas Hefty, Thomas Hefty, Fred Ott and son Gilbert, unknown, unknown, Fredolin Streiff, Barbara Wild Streiff, unknown, unknown, Edna Hoesly Hefty, unknown, unknown.  Front row: unknown, Mr. & Mrs. Henry Marty, David & Elsbeth Wild Hoesly (son of Andrew), Jacob & Barbara Hoesly, Herman Becker, Henry Kundert, Mata Buesser, John D. Marty, Josh Hoesly.  Going up the steps: Andreas Hoesly, unknown, unknown, unknown, Mrs. John D. Marty & Louisa Buesser, Mr. Henry Kundert, Mrs. Herman Becker, Mrs. Fred Ott, unknown, Mrs. Andrew Hoesly and his daughter Hilda Zentner.

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