2002 Bank of New Glarus calendar

(Postcard, postmarked October 1908)

New Glarus Brewery in the horse-and-buggy days.  The brewery building near the corner of Fifth Avenue and Second Street has experienced many transformations.  This building has provided almost a century of use to the community.  A new brewery - The New Glarus Brewing Company - was established in the village in 1993 at a different site.

75th Anniversary photo.  Members of the New Glarus Volunteer Fire Department posed for their official photograph in front of the firehouse in 1977.  Front row, left to right: Bernie Wilde-chief, Eugene Duerst, Mert Retrum-captain, Bradley Beal, Art Thompson-lieutenant, Ivan Rhyner, Don Ott-lieutenant, Arthur Brand, Darrell Hustad, and William Wyss.  Second row:  Elroy Duerst-lieutenant, Roger Buesser-captain, William Bigler, Charles Bigler, Kent Anderson, Thomas Schneider-captain, William Bauer-lieutenant, Werner Ziltner-captain, Terry Roth, Henry Opferman, and Harold Ingwell-lieutenant.  Third row:  Dennis Ingwell, Keith Ingwell-captain, Russel Reuter-treasurer, David Wilde-assistant chief, Ken Henning, Frederick Erickson, Sylvan Kundert-lieutenant, Ronald Schneider-captain, Byron Eichelkraut-secretary, Gordan Henning, and Keith Krause.

Added Service: About 50 years ago, the New Glarus Fire Department was pictured with their newly acquired first aid unit.  Left to right: Chief Jake Bruni, Bernie Wilde, Joe Haegle, Willard Marty, Harvey Ott, Gilver Ott, Scott Heiser.

New Glarus 1911 Baseball Team: The names of this fine group of baseball players are lost to us.  We would love to get the names of these players to add to our history.  Anyone who recognizes any of them is asked to contact the library.

Class of 1940 graduated from New Glarus High School, which is now the Schoolhouse Apartments.

(Photo courtesy of Hazel Becker)

1906 - This precious old photo captures a group celebrating the 60th anniversary of New Glarus at the New Glarus Shooting Park.  We are told that the man with the luggage on the left is Herman Kubly.  Others in the photo include Mr. and Mrs. Joachin Duerst and daughter Margaret Duerst Wendli; Joe Steiner; Mr. and Mrs. Frick Kundert (Cora); Mr. and Mrs. Julius Elmer; Tony and Anna Yaeger; Mrs. Katherina and Antone Yaeger Sr.; and several people who aren't identified.

(Photo courtesy of Marilyn Elmer)

Men with a mission.  Cub Scout Pack 348 was formed in 1964 with 10 young men and three brave leaders.  The group consisted of (front row): Bob Elmer, Steve Disch, Mike Wainwright, Jon Burnard, Bill Bigler, Mike Krause.  Middle row: Doug Hultine, Jim Elmer, Jim Habeck, Randy Beckwith.  Back row: Abner Anderson, institutional rep. Leonard Bigler, and Roy Habeck, den leaders.

(Photo courtesy of Inez Blegard)

Dedicated firefighters:  June 15, 1948 - Fire trucks and personnel first row, left to right: Scott Heisler, Bernie Wilde, Joe Haegeli, Louis Ubert, Harvey Ott, Chief Jake Bruni, Henry W. Hefty, Oswald Schneider, Willard Marty, Emil Kubly, Cecil Thacker, and Raymond Duerst.  Back row: Fred Mauer, Orville Lee, David Kundert, Raymond Wurgler, Bill Kuenzi Sr., Gilbert Ott, Earl Willoughby, Palmer Duerst, and William Palmer.  Henry W. Hefty retired that year at the age of 80.  He was a founding member of the New Glarus Fire Department.

(Photo courtesy of Marion Streiff)

A gift to the community:  The Wilhelm Tell Community Guild has contributed much to the community and youth of New Glarus.  In 1966, they gave a $1,500 gift for dressing rooms at the New Glarus swimming pool.  Shown here presenting a plaque on behalf of the Tell Guild (left to right):  Pauline Grossenbacher Riggs, Clayton Streiff, Ernst Thierstein, Henry Schmit, and Ed Willi.

(Photo courtesty of Verena Grossenbacher)

These dedicated women were responsible for dressing the cast as well as the care and preservation of the authentic costumes worn at the Wilhelm Tell Festival in 1964.  The wardrobe committee consisted of Donna Rupnow, Lois Wainwright, Agnes Rhyner, Shirley Disch, Ione Abley, Donna Nevil, and Virginia Henning.

(Photo courtesy of Sandy Franser)

Happy Days at the A&W: New Glarus's first drive-in was located on Highway 69 at the current site of the Chalet Landhaus.  Pictured in 1964 was the snappy serving crew:  Sue Willi, Donna Yaun, Sandy Disch, Beth Marty, Judy Fahey of Belleville, and Steve Gmur.  The owners were Gilbert and Hilda Duerst (far right), with Gary Gmur alongside.

When this photo was taken (about 1929) railroads were in their heyday and the New Glarus branch of the Chicago, Milwaukee, and St. Paul Railroad was a busy place.  The train was called the Limburger Special and the boxcars were filled with cattle and other commodities.  When a major industry - New Glarus's Pet Milk plant - closed in 1962, this forced many locals out of jobs, and also caused the demise of rail service here.  After 85 years, the railroad abandoned service in 1972 and had a final run of three cars - two empty and one carload of lumber - was shipped to Tacoma, Washington.  But the depot has another life as the Sugar River Bike Trail headquarters, which was dedicated in September 1973.  The trail runs from New Glarus to Brodhead.

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