The Glarner Collection

This is a collection of books that have been donated to the library over the past few decades.  They include books on Swiss & German history, travel, politics, and literature, as well as local and family histories of Swiss & German immigrants.  Most of these books are written in German, and a few are in the Swiss-German dialect.  Many of these books are available for checkout.  They are stored in our office, so please ask a librarian for assistance in locating the titles you want.  A few of these books are quite old and delicate, and those are available for in-library use only.

Many thanks to Bob Elmer for his help in providing descriptions of these books.


Circulating Titles
Title Author Description
100 Jahre Skisport: Der Alteste Ski-Club Der Schweiz (The Oldest Ski Club In Switzerland) Werner Tschappu (1993) A history of the Glarus ski club, which is the oldest in Switzerland.
1250 Jahre Monchaltorf: 741-1991 Eva Rigg (1991) A history of the village Monchaltorf in Zurich.
Alexander Soldenhoff, 1882-1951: Maler und Radierer  (Alexander Soldenhoff: Painter and Etcher) Frieda Zopfi-Stauffacher (1982) Art book about a Swiss painter with connections to Canton Glarus.
An Outline History of Switzerland Dieter Fahrni (8th ed., 2003) An English-language brief history of Switzerland from its origins to the present day.
Art - Glarus, Switzerland Kaspar Marti (1995) Published by the Glarus Art Society.  Written in English and German.  Published to coincide with New Glarus Sesquicentennial.
Bekanntes und Weniger Bekanntes uber die Schlacht bei Nafels vom 9 April 1388 (Known and less well known about the Battle of Nafels on 9 April 1388) Albert Muller (1974) Brief volume on the history of the Battle of Nafels, Canton Glarus.
Berner Bauernhauser (Bernese Farmhouse) Roland Fluckiger-Seiler (1988) Swiss Architecture of Canton Bern
Berner Oberland Anne-Marie Gunter (1988) Photographic book with text about the mountainous regions of Canton Bern known as the Berner Oberland.
Braunwalder Skizzen (Braunwalder Sketches) Ernst Weber (1987) Artistic sketches of the scenic region of Braunwald, Canton Glarus, accompanied by verses and texts by a variety of authors.
Centennial History of Highland, Illinois A.P. Spencer (1978) A history of Highland, Illinois to celebrate it's 100th anniversary in 1937.  It was a gift from Mayor Oliver W. Stratton.  Highland has a long connection with New Glarus through Swiss heritage, shooting matches, and the Pet Milk company.
Das Glarnerland im Wandel der Zeit (Glarnerland in the course of time) Ruedi Hertach (1986) A collection of "then and now" photographs from various locations in Canton Glarus.
Das Jubilaum (The Anniversary) Ruedi Hertach (1989) Noting the 600th Anniversary of the Battle of Nafels, Canton Glarus, in 1388.  A pivotal battle between the early Swiss and the Hasburgs.
Das Linthwerk: ein Stuck Schweiz (The Linthwerk: a piece of Switzerland) Rene Brandenberger (1993) The building of the Linth Canal and re-direction of the Linth River to control flooding and drain swamps.
Das Schweizer Haus (The Swiss House) Paul Leonhard Ganz (1963) History of Swiss homes from castles to farmhouses.
Der Freiberg Karpf: die alteste Wildschutzgebiet der Schweiz (The Freiberg is the oldest protected area in Switzerland) Albert Schmidt (1983) History of the oldest game reserve in Switzerland, including flora, fauna, and geology.
Der Schicksalhof (The Fate Yard) Ernst Nageli (1947) A novel in German by Swiss author Ernst Nageli.
Der Zwaarg Baartli: Es Maarli us de Glaarnerbaarg Lorly Jenny (1992) Children's picture book about Baartli the dwarf in Swiss-German dialect.
Der Zweite Weltkrieg: Ein Lexikon (The Second World War: a Lexicon) Christian Zentner (2003) Information about World War II.
Die Bauernhauser des Kantons Glarus (The Peasant Houses of Canton Glarus) Jost Hosli (1983) A book of Swiss architecture.
Die Dichtung der Deutsche Schweiz (The Poetry of German Switzerland) Alfred Zach (1951) Poetry
Die Elmer (The Elmers)   Genealogy of the Elmer Families of Canton Glarus.  Includes extensive data from the Kubly-Muller collection found in Glarus.
Die Fabrikglocke: Vom Aufstand der Glarner Stoffdrucken gegen die Zeit (The Factory Bell: from the revolt of the Glarner fabric prints against time) Emil Zopfi (1991) History of the rebellion of the Canton Glarus fabric workers.
Die Klausenrennen (The Club Races) Bernhard Bragger (1989) A book regarding the automobile races of the 1920s and 1930s held in Cantons Glarus and Uri beginning in the Linthal and ending at the Klausen pass.
Die Schicksalskette (The Destiny Chain) Ernst Nageli (1966) A novel in German by Swiss author Ernst Nageli.
Die Schlacht bei Nafels Albert Muller (1974) Brief history of the Battle of Nafels, Canton Glarus, on April 9, 1388.
Die Strasse Uber den Pass (The Street Across the Pass) Ernst Nageli (1951) Seven novellas regarding the mountains by Swiss author Ernst Nageli.
Der Heiri Jenni im Sunnebaarg (Travel Experiences of a Glarner Farmer) Caspar Streiff (1904) Story in Glarner dialect with Glarner glossary in back.
Folk Costumes of Switzerland Lucien Louradour (1992) English descriptions of Swiss folk costumes with many color photographs.
Franz Josef Stucki: Aegidius Tschudi   Biography of Swiss historian Aegidius Tschudi (1505-1572) of Glarus.
Fridlisfuur Verena Speich (1981) Children's story about St. Fridolin's Fire in Glarner dialect with German translation in back.
Gaste und Gastgeber im Glarnerland (Guests and hosts in Glarnerland) Susanne Peter-Kubli (1992) Analysis of the growth of tourism in Canton Glarus.  Effect of the arrival of trains and cars on Glarus tourism.
Geisteserbe der Schweiz (Spirit of Switzerland) Eduard Korrodi (1943) A work containing chapters on nature, myths & stories, biographies, letters from Swiss people with historical figures.
Geschichte der Blumer (History of the Blumers) Walter Blumer (1960) Genealogy of the Blumer families of Canton Glarus, Switzerland.  Comprehensive information including genealogical tables and photographs.
Geschichte der Schweiz (History of Switzerland) Valentin Gitermann (1941) History of Switzerland from prehistoric, Roman, formation of the confederation and other eras to the events of World War I.
Geschichte des Landes Glarus (History of Glarus) Jakob Winteler (1960) Comprehensive history of Canton Glarus.  Volume 1 from beginning to 1638, volume 2 from 1638 onward.
Glarner Alpbuch: Zwishen Nebelwand und Fohnmauer   Description of the summer pastures of Canton Glarus and the people who graze cattle and make cheese upon the summer Alps.
Glarner Fahnenbuch (Glarner Flag Book) Historical Association of the Canton Glarus (1928) History of the flags, banners, and seals of Canton Glarus.  Presented to the Village of New Glarus on its 100th anniversary by the Canton Glarus's historical society president Dr. Jakob Winteler.
Glarner Heimatbuch: Land und Volk Fridolin Baumgartner (1980) Short articles about all aspects of Canton Glarus, including the land, its people, industry (dairy and fabrics), sports, and folk costumes.
Glarner Heimatbuch Jacob Stahli (1950) An illustrated volume of all things Canton Glarus, including geography, history, people, traditions, local tales, statistics, and the villages of the canton.
Glarner Heimatbuch   History, customs, and traditions of Canton Glarus (in German with some Glarner dialect).
Glarnerland Hans Trumpy (1949) Photographs taken throughout Canton Glarus.
Glarus, Einfach Otto Bruhlmann (1994) A look at Canton Glarus through words and photographs.
Glarus um 1800 Johann Rudolf Steinmuller (1989) Description of Glarus around the year 1800.
Glarus und die Schweiz (Glarus and Switzerland) Jurg Davatz (1991) A comprehensive look at Canton Glarus history in the year of Switzerland's 700th anniversary.  Excellent photographs, maps, and assorted illustrations.
Gottfried Keller Werke (2 volumes) Gottfried Keller (1951) The works of Swiss poet and writer Gottfried Keller.
Grosse Glarner (Great Glarners) Martin Baumgartner (1986) 26 brief biographies by various local authors of notable Canton Glarus people from the days of Han Aebli and Heinrich Loriti (in the 15th century) to those born in the 19th century.
Grosse Schweizer (Great Swiss) Martin Hurlimann (1942) Illustrated volume containing brief biographies of historic personages of Switzerland including Niklaus von Flue, Zwingli, Vadian, Euler, Pestalozzi, Madame de Stael, and more.
Hans Conrad Escher von der Linth: Charakterbild eines Republikaners (Typical image of a Republican) Johann Jakob Hottinger (1852; 1994 reprint) Biography of Swiss scientist, artist, and politician who "tamed" the Linth River in Canton Glarus.
Heimkehr ins Vergessene (Homecoming into the Forgotten) Yvette Z'Graggen (1990) A look at the author's family roots and family mysteries.
Hoochvertruuti, liebi Mitlandluut Ruedi Hertach (1987) A history of the Canton Glarus Landsgemeinde - the annual open air assembly of citizens.  The title is the traditional greeting to the people from the Landammann.  The history covered in the book is from 1887-1986.  Contains historic photos.
Inter Gentes - Statemen, Diplomats, and Political Thinkers Benedict von Tscharner (2012) Swiss historical figures from the 16th century to present, in English.
Katholische Pfarrei Glarus-Riedern (The Catholic parish and church community, Glarus-Riedern) German Studer-Freuler (1993) Parish history of Glarus-Riedern; description of religious art found in the church treasury.
Kennen Sie Dubendorf? (Do you know Dubendorf?)   The business, sport, politics, leisure, culture, etc. of the village of Dubendorf, Canton Zurich.  A gift from the Stadtprasident Heinz Jauch.
Kreuzzug von Morgen (Crusade of Morning) Ernst Nageli (1956) A novel in German by Swiss author Ernst Nageli.
La Place de la Concorde Suisse John McPhee (1983) About the Swiss Army's role in Swiss life.  In English.
Mennonites in Transition - from Switzerland to America Andrea Boldt (1997) Mennonites who came to Ohio and Indiana.
Schweiz Suiss Switzerland Conrad Streit (1971) A tourist-type photograph book of Switzerland in German, French, and English.
Schweizer Bauernhauser (Swiss Farmhouse) Max Gschwend (1983) Swiss architecture
Schweizer Kantone: Glarus (Swiss Cantons: Glarus) Hans Thurer (1978) From a series of books on Swiss Cantons; this one contains information and photographs of Glarus.
Schweizer Trachtendarstellungen - Glarner Trachten (Swiss Fashions of Glarus) Jurg Davatz (1986) The traditional costumes of Canton Glarus, Switzerland.  Photographs and historic watercolors.
Schweizerische Kuntsfuhrer: Elm Jurg Davatz (1980) Historical guide to the village of Elm, Canton Glarus.  Particular emphasis on historical buildings.
Schweizerische Kuntsfuhrer: Glarus Jurg Davatz (1980) Historical guide to the village of Glarus.  Particular emphasis on historical buildings.
Schwyzer-Dutsch Tacoma Swiss Society (1982) Easy phrases in Swiss-German
Sesquicentennial, Highland, Illinois (1837-1987)   History of Highland, Illinois to celebrate its 150 year anniversary.
Switzerland in all its Diversity: nature, population, democracy, economy, culture   Information and statistics about Switzerland, in English.
Tal der Linth (Valley of Linth) Afra Weidmann-Zweifel (1993) Picture book of Canton Glarus including brief stories.
Tell: Werden und Wandern eines Mythos (Tell: walking and wandering, a myth) Lilly Stunzi, (1973) A look at the legend of Wilhelm Tell by various authors.  Illustrations and artwork depicting Wilhelm Tell.  Late 18th century performances of the drama written by Leo Schelbert.
Urchigi Achti Glarner Choscht   Cookbook featuring Canton Glarus recipes such as Zigerbruut, Garschtasuppa, Zigerhorali, Zoggla, and Chalberwurscht.
Vergessene Reise: eine Kindheit im Glarner Hinterland (Forgotten travel: a childhood in the Glarus Hinterland) Verena Knobel (1979) Betty Knobel's childhood in the Canton Glarus villages of Haslen and Leuggelbach
Volkskunde der Schweiz: Ein Grundriss (Swiss Folklore: a reason) Richard Weiss (1946) Swiss folklore, art, and costumes
Vom Altesten Glarus (From Oldest Glarus) Eduard Vischer, ed. (1974) Early history of Canton Glarus including Roman times, oldest churches, St. Fridolin, Castles, and the defensive wall known as Letzimauer.
Wappenbuch des Landes Glarus (Coat of Arms of the Canton Glarus) Jakob Winteler (1937; reprint 1977) Book of family coat of arms from Canton Glarus; brief family history and descriptions of crests.


Reference Books
Berchtesgadener Land   Picture book about Berchtesgaden, Germany
Bern Buch (Bern: the Heart of Switzerland) Franz Roedelberger (1953) A tourist-type photograph book of Canton Bern in German, French, and English.
Das Land Glarus Chronik (The Land Glarus Chronicle) Jakob Winteler (1945) Information about Canton Glarus including a directory of businesses at back of book.
Der Schweizer Frau (The Swiss Woman) (ca. 1910) Stories of Swiss women including "The Worker," about Anna Marty of Canton Glarus.
Geschichte der Stadt Glarus (History of Glarus) Heinrich Spalti (1911) History of the City of Glarus, Canton Glarus
Glarus Geschichte: Eines Landchen Hauptortes (Glarus History: A Small Country Town) Jakob Winteler (1961) A history of the Village of Glarus
Rund um die Erde Eduart Buchler (1921) A travelogue through America and Asia by a Swiss with a chapter (pp.31-57 regarding the history and impressions of New Glarus, Monroe, and Madison.
Volkskunst am Berner Bauernhaus (Folk Art at the Berner Bauernhaus) Christian Rubi (1942) Folklore of Switzerland with a focus on the farm homes and farm storage buildings found in Canton Bern.  Decorative woodwork found on the Berner chalets is highlighted.  A gift from Lukas Burckhardt in 1956.
Wilhelm Tell Schiller (1905) Textbook.   Introduction and background in English, followed by the Schiller drama in German.  German/English glossary in back.