Family Tree Charts

In 1845, a group of about 30 families left Glarus, Switzerland to seek a new life in the Wisconsin Territory.  You can read all about their challenging journey in the book A Common Treasure: The Challenging First Decade of the Swiss Colony of New Glarus, 1845-1855 by Duane H. Freitag.  Freitag notes that along the way, some members of the party died, and others chose to remain in various cities along the emigration route.  Those who arrived at the colony site and remained in New Glarus included the families listed below.  You can click on each name to download an excel spreadsheet of that family tree.

These family tree charts would not have been possible without the years of meticulous research conducted by Patrick Wild of Glarus, Switzerland.


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*A note regarding spellings:  As is common with many immigrants to our country, certain names became "Americanized" over the years.  When looking at Glarner surnames, typically names ending in "i" were changed to end in "y," and umlauts were replaced with the letter "e."  Hösli became Hoesly, Tschudi became Tschudy, Dürst became Duerst, etc.  First names also underwent a transformation.  Some Fridolins began going by Fred, Johanns went by John, and Heinrichs went by Henry.  One single person might be listed in official records under several different spelling variations.