Family Histories

Over the years, a number of New Glarus families have put together books of family history and shared them with the library.  We are hoping to eventually get all of these books digitized for future generations.  In the meantime, these books are available at the library in the reference collection. 

For those of you who researching your family trees but unable to make the trip to New Glarus, we would be happy to help with your research.  Please email staff [at] with the book title(s) you're interested in, along with any relevant information you have to aid us in our search.  We are able to email PDF copies of relevant pages upon request.

ARGUE:  This is Your Life! Jessiemae Argue Hageman

BENKERT:  Your Family Tree by Leona S. Wartenweiler

DAHLE:  A History and Genealogy of the Dahle-Kittleson and Locke-Ness Families.  Compiled by Thomas Locke Dahle, 1984.

DURST: The Fridolin Durst Family: From Diesbach, Switzerland to Yolo County, California.  Compiled by Kerry Kurst Kasza, 2021.

HEFTY:  Hefti-Hefty Cousins: A History and Genealogy of the Descendants of Sebastian & Sibilla Hefty.  By Myral Swan Gilson, 1997.

HEFTY:  The Hefty Family History by Helen Wappler Murn Ritschard, 1994.

ISELI:  Isely: A Unified 500 Year Genealogy, by Timothy F. Isely, Ph.D. and Erich R. Iseli.  Draft v0.31.  (Alternate spellings include ESELY, ESLEY, JSELI, ISALY, ISELY, ISLIE, IZEL, YSSEL)

JELLE:  The Jelle Family History - America 1849-1994, by Sherry Murn Einerson.

KEHRLI:  Glimpses of the Kehrli/Stuckey Family.  Compiled by Ann (McGee) Esch, 2014.

LUCHSINGER:  Family Luchsinger of Canton Glarus Switzerland.  Extracts of the family books in Landesarchiv Glarus - 1962.

RHYNER:  The Rhyner Book.  Compiled by Doris Streiff.

SCHMID:  The Schmid Family.  Compiled by Doris Streiff.

SPEICH:  Records of Speich Families of Matt, Glarus, Switzerland 1500-1900.  Compiled by Glorya Welch, 1986.

TRUMPY:  Mom. . . you should write that down!  Stories as remembered by Betty Marie DeVoe Trumpy, 2008.

VENDENThe Venden Story: Ole and Dordi Venden and their Descendants.

WILD:  Genealogy of Joshua Wild from the Year 1510.  Also the life story of Joshua Wild and the descendents of Joshua and Barbara Wild.  (This includes the families of Julius and Catharine EICHELKRAUT, Fridolin and Barbara STREIFF, Fridolin and Maria KUNDERT, John and Anna WILD, and David and Elsbeth HOESLY.)