10th Avenue Location

On Wednesday, July 21, 2021 the Library Board voted to cease consideration of the property at 10th Avenue, owned by Shepherd of the Hills, as they no longer felt it was the best location for a new library facility.

Below is an archive of the information posted about this site during its consideration period.


The Library Board, Village Board and Shepherd of the Hills congregation are considering a purchase agreement for the parcel next to Candy Cane Park. The land would be purchased with library building project funds, and legally owned by the Village with the Library Board as custodian. It is zoned residential, allowing both public libraries and recreational grounds.

What would be included in this project?

  • A new library sized to current funds, estimated at 6,900 SF.
  • Green space made public, including the sledding hill.
  • Public parking and restrooms available during library hours.
  • Building expansion is a possibility for the future, but is not currently affordable and designs have not been selected. If funds become available, designs and costs for expansion would be explored as a separate project.

What are the next steps in the process?

Several important steps must take place before this plan could become a reality:

  1. Gathering public feedback. On Saturday May 22, 2021, a public information session was held at Candy Cane Park. The Library and Village Boards will review the feedback received at the event and via email and social media, and welcome additional public comments and questions. Feedback forms are available at the library, or you may email the boards directly (see contact information below).
  2. Finalizing sale terms and agreement approval by all parties (congregation, Village and Library Boards).
  3. Completion of building design and approval by the Library and Village Boards.
  4. Approval of the Certified Survey Map and site plan, including Village engineering, utilities and stormwater considerations.
  5. Formal bidding process.

How do I find out more?

Attend meetings:

Watch for updates in the Post Messenger Recorder, or sign up for our email newsletter.

Updates are also posted under Recent News, and project history is available on the History and Archives page.

For a list of questions recently answered by the trustees, please see 10th Avenue FAQs below.

Library trustees welcome your comments and questions. Feel free to email libraryboard [at] ngpl.org, or ask the library (608-527-2003) for a list of individual trustee emails or phone numbers. Village trustee information is listed at newglarusvillage.com/government/village-board.


10th Avenue Location FAQs

Originally posted 6/5/2021. Last updated 6/18/2021.

Could the building be moved closer to 10th Avenue, to preserve more of the sledding path?

The architects initially proposed four site layouts, and the Library Board selected the one they felt struck the best balance of preserving the hill and green space while allowing the required amount of off-street parking. Based on the feedback received at the public information session on May 22, 2021, the Board and architects are exploring whether adjustments can be made to the parking plan or utilities.

Can the size of the parking lot be reduced and/or more parking be added to the street?

Per Village ordnance, a 6,900 SF building would need to include a minimum of 18 off-street parking spaces without a variance. We are working with the Village to review alternative options.

Is it possible to move the playground equipment further west and place the building on the corner of 10th Avenue and 5th Street?

Our architects have confirmed that there is not sufficient space for a 6,900 SF building on the Candy Cane lot. It currently has about 3,000 SF of buildable space with required setbacks from the street and utilities. If the Valley Lane right-of-way were vacated, the Candy Cane lot would increase to about 5,500 SF of buildable space.

Will any new streetlights or parking lot floodlights be added with this project?

At this point the design is not far enough along to say. The Board will make every effort to ensure that any necessary outdoor lighting is neighborhood-friendly.

Will public restrooms be available for park users and sledders?

Yes, during library hours the restrooms would be open and available to the public.

What will be done about the substantial stormwater issue in this area?

The library project engineer is working with the Village engineer to design a system that would improve the existing drainage issue.

Will sidewalks be added to nearby streets because of this project?

This project would require a sidewalk pathway from the 10th Avenue entrance to the building, included in our project costs. At this time, no additional sidewalk installation is planned.

What if construction or increased traffic damages streets?

Village streets are evaluated annually and repair projects are prioritized based on this evaluation.

What other sites are being/have been considered - what about downtown locations, or something next to the schools?

The Library Board is currently focused on getting a final decision on the purchase of the 10th Avenue property, and is not actively pursuing any other locations at this time.

Over 20 possible locations have been evaluated based on an established set of criteria. There are also costs associated with the site studies and preliminary architectural work that are required to determine an estimate of building size, placement and overall budget. For information about the project's history, please see the History and Archives page. Feel free to contact the Library Board with any additional questions.