Know Your New Glarus Public Library

This page features a planned series of articles to inform you on important aspects of the ongoing efforts to provide our community with a new library.  Regardless of anyone’s position on the library, having the facts right is essential to a respectful discussion.  The articles will be published, space permitting, in the Post-Messenger, then made available through the New Glarus Library in the library, through the website and Facebook page, and in the Library’s electronic newsletter. We encourage all interested citizens to inform themselves about the facts, and involve themselves in the process.  These articles are written by the Library Capital Campaign Fund-Raising Committee.


Article 1:  Library Location Unknown


Article 2:  Cutting to the Bone?


Article 3:  By The Numbers


Article 4:  Libraries in the Digital Age


Article 5:  Economic Benefits of a Public Library


Article 6:  Hub of the Community


Article 7:  Your Library, Technology, and You


Article 8:  Location, Location, Location


Article 9:  Funding a Library


Article 10:  Programming


Article 11:  Partnerships


Article 12:  Friends of the Library

Article 13:  Happy Holidays

Article 14: Moving Forward