Friday, June 23, 2017 - 10:00am to 11:00am
Village Hall Community Room

In his very funny and popular show, Sam Bartlett demonstrates and teaches a wonderful assortment of parlor tricks that leave an audience clamoring for more. This is subversive science education at its best. Typical stunts include making a ping pong ball float in the air, balancing 13 nails on the head of one nail, and writing your name backwards and forwards simultaneously.

A Stuntology presentation is a dazzling array of physical impossibilities and absurdities that can be wrought with everyday objects. Sam coaxes horrible sounds out of straws, makes forks float, napkins balance, and paper expand. Sam demonstrates, then it’s your turn. You will be mystified and amazed by stunts that work brilliantly, and even more entertained when stunts fail miserably. It’s all part of the experiment! Explanations fly along with objects, and the audience becomes a little smarter and more motivated to understand the workings of the world around us.

(From Stuntology website)