Press Release 02-12-2021

Do Something Fun in February and March

By Beth Blahut

If you’re looking for a fun activity to do in February and March, get involved in the ‘Mapping Our Community’ project and create a map of New Glarus with colorful pencils and paint.

The New Glarus Public Library invites you to map your 2020 experiences: where you went, how you stayed connected, and what has shifted in your life during the pandemic. You do not need to be an artist to participate.

The maps will be exhibited during New Glarus’s 175th celebration this summer. And your map could be selected to hang permanently on the walls of the new library building.

Pick up free art supplies at the New Glarus Public Library from February 12 through April 1, while supplies last (limited to the first 100 participants).

For more information about ‘Mapping Our Community: Perspectives and stories from a world transformed’, check out the new ‘You Are Here’ website at In addition to providing inspiration and instructions for the community mapping project, the website will inform the public about future arts programming being developed by the New Glarus Public Library. The library is committed to “bringing the community into the library through the arts”.

The map project is made possible with a grant from the Anonymous II Fund of the New Glarus Community Fund of the Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin.


Photo: A map of New Glarus in progress (courtesy Beth Blahut)