The Unseen Prison by Ivan Lopez

The Unseen Prison

By:  Ivan Lopez


We live in a cell of disbelief,

A world that locks us away from anything beyond its metal bars;

Society, its prisoners who keep you from wonders and imagination.

They tell me the outside isn’t real, to stop wondering about things that have not yet been put

forth to us

But how can they tell me that this vast world of mysteries and the unknown does not exist?

I have seen it with my own eyes.  I have heard them, touched them, and lived in their world.


When my brush begins to paint,

As my dreams begin to wander,

As soon as my pencil begins to write.


No, don’t tell me that it doesn’t exist, for I have created some of these “myths” myself.

When you sit down and read what others have written, admire what others have drawn, or

even hear a tale of adventure and insight,

You realize that an icy desert, a tower reaching to the heavens, or even a wall that stretches

farther than you can ever imagine aren’t so farfetched after all.


We see through filtered eyes and are implanted with a trait that seems so blissful:  Ignorance.

There have been some who have unlocked their gift, taken off their shackles and blinds.

We honor them, learn from them, and they will always be remembered. 

Whether it’s a painting, a tune, or a legend, we have all contributed to this unknown world.


We are not far from this bewildering plain, this cloud of mysteries.  In fact, we are already here;

we just have to open our eyes.


So why do I choose to write?


I choose to write so that I can go to lands I have not yet ventured.

I choose to write so that I can open my mind to a world of possibilities.

I choose to write so I can help you out of the dark. . .


And into a world of light.