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The Seed Savers Exchange Club launched in the spring of 2014, with plans to continue from year to year, with the help of our members.  To join the Seed Savers Exchange Club, all you need is a valid SCLS library card.  Stop by the checkout desk to pick up a copy of the club contract, and then choose your seeds (currently housed in a lovely vintage card catalog).  Patrons may borrow up to ten different varieites of seeds.  As your plants mature, prepare to save some of their seeds and return them to the library, so that the seeds can be checked out again next year.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to check out seeds?

Not one cent.  All you need to check out seeds is an SCLS library card in good standing. 

Where do your seeds come from?

Many of our seeds were purchased directly from the Seed Savers Exchange Club catalog.  Others were harvested and donated by our library patrons.  Seed packets will be marked with the year of purchase and a special note if they were harvested locally.

How much of each seed variety do you have?

The number of packets of seeds varies from plant to plant, depending on the quantity purchased/harvested.  Seeds are available on a first come, first served basis.  Once a particular variety is gone, we won't be getting more until the harvested seeds are returned in the fall.

I have some extra seeds at home.  May I donate them?

Yes!  We are happy to accept donated seeds.  Place dried seeds into a sealed envelope, and label the envelop with your name, the name/variety of plant, and the year the seeds were purchased or harvested.

What happens if my plants don't grow or grow poorly, and I can't save seeds?

We recognize that our patrons have no control over growing conditions.  If you are unable to save seeds due to poor plant performance, there is no penalty for not returning the seeds.

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