Genealogy & Local History

We are in the process of archiving and digitizing our local history collection in order to make it more easily accessible.  Many thanks to the local historians who've gathered this information for us to share. 


Bank of New Glarus Calendars

We'd like to thank the Bank of New Glarus and Sugar River Banks for sharing their wonderful historical calendars with us.

Recollection Wisconsin

Thousands of local history resources, including photographs, maps, letters, diaries, oral histories, and more! 

Swiss Church Cemetery

A complete index of people buried in the New Glarus cemetery from the town's earliest days through present times.  (The index will open as a Microsoft Excel document.)  You can also find a map of the cemetery to help you in locating graves of interest.

The Glarner Collection (coming soon!)

This is a collection of books that have been donated to the library over the past few decades.  They include books on Swiss & German history, travel, politics, and literature, as well as local and family histories of Swiss & German immigrants.  Most of these books are written in German.  Those highlighted in blue are available for checkout, while reference books highlighted in red are for in-library use only.