Dome Theater Presents

Village Hall Community Room

Come check out the Dome Theater's award-winning science shows, including shows about dinosaurs, outer space, and the deep sea.  Amazing special effects bring the universe up close and personal.


11 AM - The Dinosaur Prophecy.  Join paleontologists at the scene of the crime, excavating bones and wondering what killed the mighty dinosaurs.

11:30 AM - The Secret of the Cardboard Rocket.  Climb aboard a magical cardboard rocket with two young adventurers and experience a breathtaking, up-close look at each of our solar system's planets.

12 NOON - Into the Deep.  Explore the mysteries of the deep sea.  Learn about its secrets and the amphibian life that lives there.

12:30 PM - Passport to the Universe.  A thrilling journey out into the solar system, through the Milky Way galaxy and to the edge of the observable universe.

1 PM - Microcosm.  In this extraordinary adventure, fly up the carotid artery, explore the eye, brain, ear and heart, and then shrink into a cell to see the nucleus and DNA.

1:30 PM - Earth's Wild Ride.  Experience the heart-pounding exhilaration of a water canyon ride near an erupting volcano.

2:30 PM - Night of the Titanic.  Night of the Titanic shows the unique conditions of earth and space that, coupled with human error, contributed to the sinking of the ship.


3:30 PM - The Secret of the Cardboard Rocket (SEATS NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR THIS SHOW)

4 PM - Into the Deep.  (repeat performance)

4:30 PM - Passport to the Universe.  (repeat performance)

5 PM - Microcosm.  (repeat performance)

5:30 PM - Earth's Wild Ride.  (repeat performance)

6 PM - Night of the Titanic.  (repeat performance)