Building Project Update

Preliminary concept design for the new library facility.


New Glarus Village Board Commits to Construction Timeline for New Library

2018 will be an important year for the efforts to build a new library in New Glarus.

In a resolution passed by the New Glarus Village Board on December 5, 2017,  the long delayed issue of constructing a new library facility was affirmatively addressed.

The Village Board gave the Library Board two performance goals in order for work on a new library to continue:

  1. The first and most important goal is to raise $1 million with $950,000 being cash in hand by the end of 2018;
  2. If that goal is met, then by June 2019, construction plans, including cost estimates and bids, must be completed for the construction of the new library to proceed.

One million of the construction cost is a promised contribution from the village. To date, a committed capital campaign group has secured donated funds totaling over $760,000 cash in hand.  The group is enthusiastic and confident that now, with this renewed commitment from the village and a timeline, they can raise the necessary funds to build a library that will serve all citizens well.

For operating costs, a separate and ongoing fund raising effort will be undertaken to supplement the amount provided by the village.

New Glarus Library patrons have long remarked on both the excellent service and yet woefully inadequate facilities of the current library, currently housed in the New Glarus Village Hall.  A new facility has been the dream, hope, and desire of many in the library service area for many years.

For updates about the building project and upcoming fundraisers, please visit the Facebook page "A new public library for New Glarus."